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Xi Jinping Meets with Representatives of Foreign Guests Attending the 2019 Understanding China International Conference

On October 25, 2019, President Xi Jinping met at the Great Hall of the People with representatives of foreign guests attending the 2019 Understanding China Conference, and took a group photo with them. During the meeting, Xi Jinping hoped that the delegates could "truly understand China" by further enhancing exchanges with China and earnestly enhance mutual understanding and recognition between China and the rest of the world.

Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi and others were present at the above event.

The Understanding China International Conference, initiated by the China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy, the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs and the 21st Century Council, has been successfully held for three times. Themed on New Globalization and China's New Round of Reform and Opening-Up, the conference was attended by more than 30 world-renowned politicians, strategists, scholars and entrepreneurs.

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