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Wang Yi on China's Diplomacy: Be Against the Abuse of Power, Will Never Yield to Pressure, and Never Pursue Hegemony or Seek Expansion

On September 27, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the General Debate of the 74th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York, and expounded on China's concept of diplomacy in his speech in a systematic manner.

Wang Yi expressed, on the diplomatic front, China has traveled a journey of tests and challenges and has remained true to our original purpose. The goal of China's diplomacy has never changed. The Chinese people and the peoples of other countries have always treated each other with sincerity and rendered each other mutual support. Increasingly, China and other countries have become stakeholders sharing a common future. Facing international uncertainties, China will maintain the stability and continuity of its foreign policy, and will continue to pursue the major country diplomacy with distinct Chinese features. China will continue to safeguard world peace and prosperity and promote development and advancement of humankind.

China is guided by the principle of independence. China will continue to uphold an independent foreign policy of peace. We will neither subordinate ourselves to others, nor coerce others into submission. We are firm in upholding China's core national interests and legitimate rights and interests; we are against the abuse of power and will never yield to pressure. China will remain committed to the basic principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in other country's internal affairs as enshrined in the UN Charter. China will never pursue hegemony or seek expansion. Peaceful development, which has long been incorporated in China's Constitution, is the cornerstone of China's foreign policy.

China believes in equality among nations. China stands for equality among all countries irrespective of their size. China respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries, and the social system and development path independently chosen by the people of these countries. China stands ready to share its development experience with other countries and provide necessary assistance in time of need. Yet, we have no intention to export our development model or to lecture others. Nor do we attach any political strings to our assistance.

China stands for equity and justice. On the international stage, we speak for justice and oppose hegemonism or bullying. We wish to engage others in extensive consultation and joint contribution in pursuit of shared benefits. We call for the handling of international affairs based on the merits of each particular case and for the settlement of issues through consultation. As the largest developing country, China will always stand firmly with other developing countries to safeguard the common interests and right to development of developing countries and increase the representation and say of developing countries in global governance so as to promote democracy in international relations.

China pursues mutually beneficial cooperation. China is committed to fostering an open world economy and upholding the WTO-centered multilateral trading regime. It is committed to making globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all. We do not seek unilateral security, nor do we put our own interests above the interests of others. It is our aim to advance our development as part of the development of the global community. We seek to expand shared interests with our door open and share opportunities with others through cooperation.

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