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Consul General Cui Luosheng Paid a Courtesy Call to the New Chief Police Commissioner of the 7th Region in the Philippines

On the morning of June 28, Chinese Consul General Cui Luosheng in Cebu, paid a courtesy call to Mr. Silverio Alarcio Jr., the new Chief Police Commissioner(Director) of the 7th Region in the Philippines at the police office.

First of all, Consul General Cui congratulated Director Alarcio on his inauguration in Cebu, and sent him a Chinese ceramic vase with compliment to the police of the 7th Region, signifying its divine task of "Keeping the Region Safe". He expressed sincere thanks to the police for its contribution in ensuring the safety of the Chinese citizens and the Filipino Chinese in Cebu. He particularly mentioned that two years ago, the visit to Cebu made by a Chinese leader achieved a complete success because over 200 policemen were dispatched to keep the roads in order and ensure the safety of the Chinese delegation. Since another senior Chinese leader will lead a delegation to participate in ASEAN Summit here in December, he hopes that the police will ensure the safety and provide other essential assistance as ever.

Director Alarcio extended his welcome to Consul General Cui. He said that the 7th Region Police are busy preparing for the coming ASEAN Summit, and if the Chinese delegation has any particular requirement for the police, he will be glad to listen to it and put it in the overall arrangement plan. Concerning keeping the safety of the Chinese communities, he said both the Filipino Chinese and the Chinese citizens touring or doing business in Cebu, are among the objectives that the police is responsible for keeping their safety. He hopes that when they come across any trouble, they can talk to the police either directly or via the local Chinese societies, and then the police will do its best to help them out.

Consul General Cui showed again his gratitude to the police for its support to the Chinese communities. He said the Chinese Consulate General in Cebu has always been patiently inducing the local Chinese compatriots including the newly coming Chinese to abide by all the laws and regulations of the Philippines and not to be engaged in any illegal activities. He hopes that Director Alarcio and the 7th Region Police under his leadership will continue taking good care of the Chinese communities.

Lastly Director Alarcio presented Consul General Cui a pair of cups with the symbol of the 7th Region Police, and expressed his willingness to visit the Chinese Consulate General in Cebu in future. Consul General Cui said he would be always welcome to visit the Consulate.



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