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Consul General Cui Luosheng Invited to Address Cebu Tourism Congress

June 22 saw the grand opening of 2006 Cebu Tourism Congress hosted by Cebu Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Cebu is among the most important provinces in the Philippines, whose economic development plays a significant role nationwide, therefore, the national government has attached great importance to this great event. Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Undersecretary of Department of Foreign Affairs, Cebu Governor and a Congresswoman were present at the Congress.

Consul General Cui Luosheng was invited and made a specialized speech on its forum as a distinguished guest speaker. He stressed that tourism industry holds an outstanding position in each national economy nowadays, and tourism cooperation plays an important role in the contemporary international relations. Then he briefed the attendants on the development status quo of the Chinese tourism industry and the basic information about tourism cooperation between China and the Philippines. Meanwhile he summarized the main causes of the rather limited increase of Chinese tourists visiting the Philippines in recent years. Finally starting from his personal experience, he summed up some strong points in Cebu's abundant tourism resources, and put forward several reference suggestions on further promoting tourism communications and cooperation between Cebu and China.

Consul General Cui's speech which has evoked a strong echo in those people from Cebu tourism administration and enterprises, will help them to better study and develop the Chinese tourists source market, attracting more Chinese tourists to Cebu, and thus accelerate the tourism cooperation between both countries.

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